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    Common Name - Golden Diosma - A dwarf, evergreen shrub known for its golden, aromatic, soft foliage. Golden diosma produces pink star shaped flowers through much of the year. Ideal for a contrasting borderline or year round colour.

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    Common Name - Mexican Orange Blossum - An evergreen compact shrub with glossy, bright, green foliage bearing bunches of sweetly scented white flowers. Great as a hedge or specimen plant, also ideal for medium to tall screening.

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    Common Name - Red Boronia - A hardier Boronia that the brown Boronia, it can live for some years in a sheltered position in the garden from wind. Like the brown Boronia it also has an intense attractive fragrance that attracts bees and insects. It grows upto 1.2 meters and becomes covered in reddish pink bell shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought and hot winds are not tolerated, and adequate water must be given, especially in summer.

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