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    Common Name - Correa dusky bells - This native low growing shrub forms a dense clump of foliage and delightful flowers. Correa dusky bells is ideal as a hardy ground cover or compact shrub. Salmon red bell shaped flowers occur through spring and summer.

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    Common Name - Abelia grandiflora nana - Abelia grandiflora nana Perfect for a quick growing hedge that doesn't get out of control, this variety can handle periods of dryness once established & strong frosts. Glossy dark green leaves with lighter green new shoots .Has strong covering of white /pale pink flowers many months of the year. Can be used as a short 300 mm hedge to 1.2mtr

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    Common Name - Happy wonderer - An Australian native all time favourite this plant is covered in masses of purple to violet flowers in late winter early spring. Its climbing nature make it a fantastic plant to cover an embankment or fence along with its glossy green oval shaped leaves the happy wonderer looks great cascading over a retaining wall or native rockery landscape. Tolerant of dry periods and a wide range of soil types.

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    Common Name - Australian Native Fuscia - A low growing compact Correa with furry dark green foliage and yellow/green coloured flowers. Grows well in full sun and is light frost tolerant and tough in strong wind areas.

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    Common Name - Red Boronia - A hardier Boronia that the brown Boronia, it can live for some years in a sheltered position in the garden from wind. Like the brown Boronia it also has an intense attractive fragrance that attracts bees and insects. It grows upto 1.2 meters and becomes covered in reddish pink bell shaped flowers in spring and summer. Drought and hot winds are not tolerated, and adequate water must be given, especially in summer.

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