Ground Cover 

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  • senecio
    $ 3.00

    Common Name - Blue Chalk Sticks - A low growing evergreen compact ground cover, perfect for rockeries or planting out en masse. It has powdery blue-grey/blue-green finger-like fleshy leaves. Blue chalk Sticks grow in the winter and stay dormant in the summer. It is Rabbit, Deer and fire resistant.

  • Popular
    $ 2.40

    Common Name - Asiatic jasmine - A smaller growing form of the star jasmin this hardy low growing plant has been growing in popularity in the garden design and landscape community. It can be used where a less aggressive and formal style of ground over is required.

  • Popular
    $ 2.40

    Common Name Star Jasmine - The Star Jasmine is best used as a ground cover, climbing a fence or cascading down a rockery or wall. It has glossy green leaves with beautiful star shaped flowers. It is one of the preferred climbers as it does not require much maintenance and doesn't have the aggressive growth habits of other like form plants.

  • viola8
    $ 2.20

    Common Name - Australian Native Violet - An Australian native ground cover, grown best under trees, in shaded areas or as a lawn substitute. It produces long stemmed white flowers with purple/mauve centers. Water well in the first few weeks of planting and once established, can withstand long dry periods.

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